Sophia Lomeli is the Perfect Talk Show Guest

Thursday, November 1, 2012

When Sophia Lomeli is a guest on The Jordan Hour of Power, the host is very excited. After seeing this hot woman swallow a variety of dildos to win the championship, he’s anxious to see what she can do with the real thing. This will all work out just fine, because after too much of the fake stuff, Sophia is terribly hungry for the real thing!

Check out Sophia Lomeli as she gets down and dirty!

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Sophia Lomeli Spreads That Ass For More Action

Saturday, August 18, 2012

When a girl likes it in the backdoor as much as Sophia Lomeli does it’s a joy to behold. This time Sophia is going to take that love of anal to another amazing level. She is about to take it hard and big as she takes on Mick’s monster sized cock. It may seem like it could be too much but Sophia takes it like the anal pro that she it.

Check out Sophia Lomeli as she takes it deep!

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Sophia Lomeli the dominatrix

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sophia Lomeli leads a double life and her husband isn’t a fan of it, but to bad there is nothing he can do about it. Sophia Lomeli is a dominatrix who uses her power of men all day every day and today its Keiran’s turn to feel the wrath of our super slut MILF. See Keiran get dominated at Brazzers!

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Sophia Lomeli Strips on the Desk

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bodacious brunette, Sophia Lomeli, looks like she means sexy business as she wears her reading glasses while stripping on her desk.

The voluptuous pornstar takes off her top and raises up her skirt. Her boobs are busted out of her bra and her hand is thrust into her panties. She starts playing with her excited pussy and the pleasure isn’t about to stop.

Enjoy that big ass and smooth cooch as she gets down on her knees for you.

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Sophia Lomeli &Juelz Ventura threesome

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sophia Lomeli has caught Juelz Ventura and Jordan fucking in her office, and she has decided to punish them by fucking the both of them! These two miscreants thought they were boss of the school, but have met their match in Sophia Lomeli who is determined to make them her personal sex slaves. Watch Sophia Lomeli exert all her power and big tits at Brazzers.

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Sophia Lomeli wants to fuck Canadian cocks

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sophia Lomeli has decided to treat herself to a nice vacation and enlists Jordan to help. Sophia Lomeli has heard there are big dicks to be found in Canada, and being Canadian himself, Jordan is more than happy to show off his package to prove to Sophia Lomeli that they do. Once his pants are off the inevitable happens and Sophia Lomeli gets to her knees and sucks off Jordan and then gets fucked in her horny wet snatch. Download this full video over at Brazzers.

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Sophia Lomeli gets nailed by Jordan

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sophia Lomeli is on set with Jordan after some nonsense scene setup they get down to biz. Sophia Lomeli is here to fuck, and Jordan is more than happy to accomodate our horny pornstar by dropping his pants and letting Sophia Lomeli suck on his big dick. Once hard its up to Jordan now to ram his cock deep inside our busty MILF and fuck her for all his worth.

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Sophia Lomeli Fucks Her Son’s Friend

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sophia Lomeli is a busty MILF who always got lots of notice from the boys as her son grew up. Now that her son is a little older, his friends are getting even more interested, and on this occasion, one has crept over to watch Sophia doing her daily exercise routine. He hides in the yard with binoculars over his eyes to see those sumptuous tits up close as they spill from Sophia’s tight tank top. But he gets caught!

Sophia takes Danny inside, but instead of punishing him for his misbehavior, she rewards his curiosity by allowing him to explore her hot mama body – inside and out!

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Sophia Lomeli Strips in the Waiting Room

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It’s a slow day at the practice of Dr. Sophia Lomeli. The patients must not know what they are missing out on!

Not one for giving in to boredom, the busty physician entertains herself by stripping naked in the waiting room and flaunting that fine full figure of hers with the blinds open.

Underneath that white coat, the brunette wears a sexy little dress and appealing lingerie. It isn’t long before that is all stripped off and her hot body is totally naked except for her black high heels!

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Sophia Lomeli XXX Action at the Office

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A day at work just isn’t complete for Sophia Lomeli unless she gets sexually harassed. To be certain that someone will be inappropriate towards her, the curvy Latina wears skimpy outfits that draw attention to her in all the right areas.

When Keiran runs into her, he tells her that her shirt looks better when it is unbuttoned. He backs her up against the wall and helps himself to her abundant breasts and she doesn’t make any attempt to stop him.

The two are soon fucking wildly on the office furniture. Sophia takes his erection into her mouth and between her tits. Of course, he spends plenty of time in that slick pink pussy of hers too!

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Sophia Lomeli Spreads Her Cooch and Ass

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sophia Lomeli has her balance ball ready and gym clothes on. She is supposed to be working out, but gets too horny and has to stop to attend to her naughty needs.

First, she frees her huge boobs from her little red tank top and jiggles her juicy melons at the camera. Sophia smiles as her rock hard nipples poke forward and little shorts get slipped down. Her fabulously phat ass is revealed and she makes sure that you get a good look.

Sophia gets totally naked and positions on the sofa. She sticks her big butt up into the air and reaches back to spread her ass cheeks and show off her sweet shaved pussy.

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Dr Sophia Lomeli fucks in the waiting room

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dr. Sophia Lomeli and a male nurse have been called to the hospital administrator’s office, as they have been far too randy around the hospital and have been caught out. Sophia Lomeli can’t help but been naughty while they are getting told off and is fired… so for old times sake they fuck in the waiting room on their way out!

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Sophia Lomeli Fucks the Repair Guy

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When Sophia Lomeli is in the mood for sex, she isn’t picky about location. If she gets horny while hanging out in a dark alley, then that is exactly where she will catch her prey.

The curvy brunette pops her juicy tits out of her corset as she also sucks on handyman Kris’s cock. She obviously loves going down, but her real hunger is to get on and ride his stiff prick until they both cum.

Sophia works him hard until he blows his sticky load onto her soft skin.

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Sophia Lomeli fucks the local peeping tom

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sophia Lomeli is one hot bitch who keeps herself in shape with a daily yoga routine. Danny,is a horny little fucker and has been hiding in the bushes to watch Sophia Lomeli workout, and he comes prepared with binoculars to get a good look at her massive tits. Unfortunately (or fortunately) he gets busted when he trips over, and Sophia Lomeli is determined to teach this peeping tom a lesson, by giving him a blowjob and fucking this little bastard.. damn how bad is that.. poor Danny will be so scared to do that again! See this hot mum get fucked at Brazzers.

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Sophia Lomeli Erotic Executive

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sophia Lomeli is a very sexy office worker. We can’t say for sure if she is a top executive or someone’s secretary. All we know is that joining her on that desk for an afternoon romp would definitely encourage us to clock a lot of hours!

The curvy MILF takes her reading glasses off first and the clothes soon follow. Sophia snaps her suspenders over her bare big tits and even extends her tongue to give them a naughty lick. She leaves her stockings on but loses her panties and opens her legs.
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